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Welcome to the OHM eLearning Web Help Desk. It is our pleasure to serve you and help troubleshoot with you!  As always, at OHM BOCES, we want to make sure that your experience is always a positive one. Please visit our OHM BOCES Buzz and Media/SLS Homepage for more information about our Instructional Service Support services and trainings. Through out the school year and summer professional development and webinars are offered for teachers regarding Buzz, Google, Media, and SLS products. To submit a Support Ticket please click on "Open a New Ticket" down below. 

How to Submit a Help Ticket

Please feel free to contact the eLearning Team by creating a ticket with questions, concerns, issues, or feedback regarding OHM Learning Network Curriculum or the Buzz Platform content. To begin click on "Open a New Ticket" below, choose from the drop down menu of Help Topics, and fill out the required information regarding your ticket submission.

Users also have the ability to create their own account within the OHM eLearning Web Help Desk by clicking on "Sign In" in the upper right corner of this screen and then choosing "Not yet registered? Create an account" on the next page. Creating an account allows users to see old tickets, revisit advice provided and post replies to existing tickets. 

Next Steps: Once a Ticket Has Been Submitted

Once a ticket is submitted please look for a response of "Support Ticket Opened" in this email will be a link for you to access your ticket to edit or locate responses. Click on the "To check your tickets progress online please click here." and have your ticket number and email address ready to sign in and check on your ticket.  

Open a New Ticket

Please provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you. To update a previously submitted ticket, please login.

Check Ticket Status

We provide archives and history of all your current and past support requests complete with responses.

Be sure to browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before opening a ticket

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